Libratone is popular for its awesome wireless speakers. Apart from creating nice, high sound quality lightweight speakers, Libratone also produces wireless headphones, which, if you are constantly flying around the world to exotic new locations, may be just the headset for you.

The Nitty Gritty

To adjust to the new trend and provide an alternative solution for the Apple AirPods, the Libratone Q Adapt bluetooth headphones have entered the market. Libratone has released the Q adapt active noise canceling headphone with Bluetooth and wired connection that has the four levels of noise cancellation and around 12 hours of playtime with a 3-hour charging period.

Libratone Q Adapt series from Libratone on Vimeo.

The Q Adapt can synchronize with another pair of the headphone meaning that you and a friend can listen to the same thing simultaneously. It is very useful if you are watching something on a plane, sharing a workout playlist with your workout mates or you are just avoiding verbal communication.

Tech Specs

The Libratone Q Adapt headphones comes packed with two 40mm drivers that generate nice sound quality. It can connect to your phones, PCs, and others devices using a Bluetooth connection thereby reducing the trouble of listening to music with a cable with the wire disturbing you.

Additionally, it has a built-in mic which allows handsfree calls. You can control the functionality of your headphones simply by tapping its ear-cup. For more complete specifications and build details check out the Libratone kit on their official website.

These on-ear headphones were created with touch sensitive ear-cup, which means that you can simply touch or run your finger over its surface to be able to control the volume, skip songs, or even answer phone calls.

Performance Features

When it comes to battery performance, the Q Adapt headphones can work for approximately 20 hours. This is a good battery-life when compared with other wireless on-ear headphones that available in the market today. Libratone Q Adapt series features the new noise-cancellation technology.

With this feature, the earbuds can reduce the sound or block the sound coming from the outdoors environment. To make it function, simply install CityMix, the noise-cancellation application to your Apple or Android devices.

The benefits of using Lightning cables rather than the 3.5mm includes; it carries power. Therefore the earbuds do not need a battery power. You can also talk to Apple’s voice control system Siri through the handsfree microphone on the cable.

Cutting Edge Tech

The headphones are matched with a brand new noise cancellation app known as CityMix. Download the application to your Apple or Android phone, and you can adjust how much the headphones block out the outside world. You will find four different levels of sound canceling, each one displayed in the application with a view of a city fading to the different degrees. The earbuds have similar controls in an inline control.They are designed only for iPhone and other Apple devices because of its Lighting Cable.

To summarize why these travel headphones are so perfect:

  • They’re affordable
  • They’re bluetooth so you’re cable free
  • They make beautiful sounding music
  • They come with an app to make them future-proof
  • They are gorgeously designed and head-turning

The Libratone Q Adapt has some very nice features such as the ability to pause the music when you take the headphones off and playing them when you put them back on. It also allows you to use the open air microphones by transfusing your hand over the right ear if you suddenly need to listen to everything around you even much louder than it is. These characteristics make the Libratone Q Adapt a well-designed product.