Hat Sharer: How to Make a Hat Base

Simple hat base will become stunning after sewing fabric bow and feather embellishments onto it. It’s good for casual wearers and baseball teams to wear soft hats and caps. However, a stylish chapeau needs a hat base, which shows lovely extravagances from bows to veils.

Compared with traditional methods in making a hat, hat blocks and steamers are necessary to create stiff hat in good shapes. There are some alternatives of those complicated methods. Except for heavyweight buckram, all materials could be ordered online. At first, there are some techniques to make the brimless oval-shaped base, to fit one’s head snugly. To see more details involving these styles, browse the whole article roughly. Besides, do not miss some essential techniques about make other headpieces like a beret hat, bucket hat, beanies and the like.

A stunning fascinator consists of a stiff and slightly cupped “pod” in an oval shape. It is made of heavyweight buckram.

Draw the pod pattern on a heavyweight buckram. Trace the pattern on the buckram, and scissor off the pod shape. Leave seven cuts and keep each cut is 1-3/4 inches long. Keep in mind that the length should be measured from the edge of the pod towards the center.

Shape the pod with round darts. Buckram will be stiffened if it is in a water-soluble vegetable sizing. When this kind of material is wet, it is soft and malleable rather than stiff. But it will turn to stiff when it is dry. Overlap every opening to  1/4 inch at the edge. One also could increase the head circumference close to 1/2 inch. Then connect them with a hot iron tip. Place such a pod on a pressing ham or rolled towel to shape the dry darts. For the purpose of smooth surface, it should be steamed slightly and pressed together.

Copy the pattern on the wrong side of the lining fabric. Cut out the pattern along the traced outline while do not make the dart cuts. Mark all lines on the wrong side.

Sew the cut-out darts. Ahead of beginning stitches at the edge, one needs to fold the fabric at a dart line. Then taper the dart to a point at an inner end. Then complete remaining darts one by one.

Sew the lining to the buckram. Overlap darts and the lining together, leaving the pod inside. Pin and sew them together roughly to the edge. Then, there will be a hat base. It could be finished with exquisite millinery wire. Then you need choose a fabric to cover the pod. Then bias tape is needed to add an elastic band for fit.

Then a kind of millinery wire is necessary to finish the hat. Start at the pod’s back, whip stitch the wire to the edge with button thread. If there is excessive wire, try to overlap the wire ends, inserting the end in the joiner.

All above techniques are fundamental skills when one would like to make a hat base. It is also a good gift to others.

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