How to Keep the Shape of a Beret

Know the Proper Wearing Methods

Learn more information about a specific dress code. In spite of following general guidance of wearing a beret, it is necessary to know more about some unique rules. There is no need to obey specific principles if you are just wearing it for fashion. The most common wearing method is to sit if on one’s head smoothly, leaving the brim topping diagonally across one’s forehead. In general, casual berets need fuzz removal rather than shaping.

Align the beret in a correct direction. Some armies require the brim should straightly across one’s forehead, and there is one inch from eyebrows. Some organizations require the badge of the institution should be displayed clearly. Excessive part of a beret should be draped over the right ear, and it should not be lower than the middle part of the right ear. Women with long hair are required to wear a hair net, which is in the same color with their hairs. For the sake of a more perfect shape of head, cadets are not allowed wearing hairstyles to avoid distortion of the BERET.┬áTop the beret on one’s head with the headband cross the forehead horizontally.

how to shape a beret

Adjust the beret according to the couture of your head. In the event that it is adjustable, adjust the headband to the right size. One needs to complete the adjustment ahead of getting the beret wet, because only a wet beret could be stretched and shrunk. One may need a different size if the beret hat could not be adjusted to fit snugly.

Scissor the lining carefully, and do not cut out the black inner lining of the beret. The method will help you shape the beret in short time. It should note that not all berets feature lining.

Remove fuzz on the outer layer of the beret. Please do this after you have finished shaping your beret. Prior to wetting as well as after its drying, visible pills should be shaped. In case it is a casual beret, one only needs to shave all pills. Some methods are recommended in following paragraphs:

Disposable razor. This is the easiest and the most common manner. Keep in mind that run the shaver in a same direction while do not shave over one spot for many times. Otherwise, the material will be worn down too much.

beret hat

Scissor pills with cuticle scissors. A handful visible pills could be removed with a cuticle scissor for the most controllable method. One can also clip pills on a beret hat by placing scissors flush with it.

Burn fuzz with a lighter. Place the lighter in a certain place and carefully hold your beret hat over the flame rather than touching it. There is no need to remove all pills and fuzz in this method, and only those in the most obvious place shall be removed clearly. In spite of high risks in “shaving” pills with a lighter, it is a really useful method in traditions to de-pill a millitary beret.

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